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Mobile Marketing in 2014

  • The percentage of user who won't recommend companies with poor mobile site


  • Increase in internet connection from mobile phones


  • Increase in the number of Smartphone users



The Leader Mobile network was founded in 2002 and since then has succeeded in gaining the trust of 20,000 businesses.


To be the most authoritative Mobile Marketing services provider, aiming at increasing the visibility and turnover of our clients.

Direct Mobile Marketing Solutions

 From today, communication and interaction with clients is cheap and simple with Linea Sms

Leader Mobile technology makes promoting and increasing business turnover as easy as sending an SMS! See how effective it is to combine promotions with refined landing pages with even more text, images, videos and other multimedia content. Learn more!

Increase the value of business communication with  Linea Sms!

Linea Sms is the Leader Mobile solution which enables the company’s database to be stored in a secure, high-performing platform, and to use it to send text message promotions, obtaining definite, measurable results!

And that’s not all: from today see what you can do with:

  • Organise your contact list

    This important function will allow you to collocate various kinds of information for each contact.  This is useful for running database queries which are aimed at SMS campaigns based on interests, gender, age and location.  What’s more, it is also possible to create a queriable shortlist in order to contact specific users.

  • Import contacts

    If you are already in possession of a database of mobile phone numbers and other relevant data, Linea Sms allows you to import it securely in a matter of seconds using a simple, guided procedure. This involves the creation of an Excel file and is an extremely useful function for enterprises equipped with management software for sales and customer relations.

  • Personalise the SMS sender

    Thanks to the function that allows you to personalise the SMS sender, you can rouse the consumer’s curiosity and give the business identity a definite value.  This increases the effectiveness of the SMS campaigns and consequently, the benefits in terms of turnover.

  • Program SMS transmission

    Create the campaign and your landing page, select the desired prospect and program the day and date to send the SMS. You won’t have to worry about it anymore! This function enables you to adapt your campaigns according to your professional requirements.  It is also possible to send simultaneous texts!

Mobile Commerce Solutions 

“EASY” Contact, “MOBILE” Sales"

Sms³is Leader Mobile’s solution which enables any enterprise to create offers and vouchers through the use of sales letters containing detailed, engaging layout,

and to send them to their customers via SMS. 

Learn more!

Engage, Reward, Entertain and Retain

marchio fidelity win-02
  • Engaging for Customers

    According to Eurispes, scratchcards are the most popular form of betting (31.8% of people play at least once a year)

  • Rewarding

    The possibility of buying and being in with the chance of winning a prize, a voucher or other benefits could mean a boost in sales.

  • Retaining

    It promotes sales as it is easily coupled with any sales techniques or promotional initiatives.

  • Functional

    Setting up an SMS competition with Fidelity Win is simple and fun, thanks to the high level of personalisation that the package allows.

  • Improves the shopping experience

    Radically improve the shopping experience and make the gathering of information enjoyable (Lead generation).

  • Create indexes on Your Website

    When consumers play the betting games, the increased traffic increases the visibility of the business’s website.

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